Master Classes

Our in-house Masterclasses are now available. You can choose to get hands on and make a few drinks behind the bar with guidance from the in house bartenders in a cocktail masterclass, or sit down and take a stroll through the history of gin in, from how it all began to the modern day styles whilst sampling some gin along the way all in our gin masterclass. Perfect for parties of 2-10 people, but there is always room for a few more. Both masterclasses are £40 per person for the class, and for an extra £5 per person you can upgrade the class and get a welcome drink (cocktail or G&T depending on which class you’re doing) and a nibble per person. Available Monday to Thursday.


Get behind the bar & your own cocktails!

Cocktail Masterclass

You will be guided through how cocktails are designed and made with a brief glimpse back into cocktail history, and have the opportunity to get behind the bar and make them yourselves, which will involve learning how to make our house cocktail “The Soirée” and two more classic cocktails… which you then get to drink of course.

Gin Masterclass

You will be taken on a stroll through a history of Gin, staring from its start overseas to the Gin craze that swept Britain by storm to modern day market leaders and the new niches that are taking the gin world by storm, all whilst sampling a gin resemblant of each part of the story along the way totalling 12 gins.